smileTAPForge was created by Tucker Parris in 2015. Tucker is a disabled veteran who currently resides in Orange County, Ca. with his cat Lucifer. Prior to forging custom high-end knives, Tucker served in the U.S. military for a number of years after the September 11 attacks. While serving the country, he was involved in a nearly fatal service-related accident, causing his mobility to slowly decline due to the serious injuries he sustained. After he was honorably discharged, the increasing nerve pain made it almost impossible for him to pursue his interests. In 2014, after living with pain for almost a decade, Tucker began undergoing successful radio frequency nerve ablation treatments. The procedures transformed his life. Although Tucker’s injuries prevent him from returning to a life of search and rescue,  his injuries do not prevent him from using his hands. Tucker maintains that forging saved his soul. His passion can truly be seen and felt in each of his custom, hand-forged knives.

You can read more about his inspiring story here (scroll down to page 12)