mewithclampsHi my name is Tucker, every bladesmith needs a metal workshop and this is mine. My shop is both a full service machine shop and a smithy/ forge. I am lucky to work at a family business where I am encouraged to work on my own projects after hours. Now that I have found knife making I practically live here!

Machine Shop

IMG_2849My machine shop consists of two Lagun knee mills with read outs, one 30 inch manual engine lathe and one 14 inch manual engine lathe, one CNC engraving mill, one horizontal bandsaw and one vertical bandsaw, one large drill press, one manual surface grinder and one hydraulic surface IMG_2847grinder, various bench grinders and vises, a wire wheel and buffer, a disk grinder and a belt grinder, a welder and a plasma cutter, and almost any measuring tool you could want. This is excessive for knife making but not for maintaining a tool and die room or a press line.

Smithy / Forge

IMG_2664I decided to set my smithy / forge in the center of my shop. I started off with an anvil, forge and one hammer and built my shop up to what it is now. I now have two forges one for general forging and one specifically for forge welding. When making pattern powerhammerwelded billets or damascus steel it is important to have a hot forge!
my forge gets so hot it can melt metal. Another huge upgrade was the little giant powerhammer I bought and rebuilt. I am now able to take pattern welded steel directly form my forge to my powerhammer. This helps tremendously when pattern welding to achieve consistent welds and avoid possible defects. One little crack or defect and I loose about a day of work, so this is crucial.


Here is a quick shop tour!